Water Distiller Model MH943

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Water Distiller Model MH943 to provide you with consistently pure, clean water every day.

Water Distiller Model MH943


This automatic water distiller is very easy to use, produces over 4 litres of distilled water in only a few hours, and can be left running overnight, ensuring
a full supply of distilled water for use with your autoclave each day. This unit can produce over 16 litres of distilled water every 24 hours at an average cost of 8p per litre.

No plumbing is required

No cartridges or filters.

Just fill with tap water and turn on the power. The water produced is ideal for use with your autoclave, dental system or other equipment requiring pure, distilled water. Why store large quantities of water in bulky, heavy containers when a distiller will provide you with consistently pure, clean water every day, taking up a fraction of your valuable space.