Rental Equipment


The Burtons Autoclave Rental Scheme

The Burtons Autoclave Rental Scheme differs from most other rental schemes because it offers true rental. Meaning that you are not tied in to a contract for a fixed period, there is not hidden 3 or 5 year finance package in disguise.

Rental machines give you the freedom to upgrade and change specification at anytime without penalty. At times when change to autoclave specifications are proposed but not confimed it is possible to change with ease from a non- vacuum to a vacuum, to a CJD cycle, to autoclaves with cycle validation printers. Rental machines are provided without hassle and you will be safe in the knowledge that you can freely cancel the rental at any time.

Equally, since the rental is direct from the manufacturer with no finance costs our rental machines are also affordable in the longer term.

No capital outlay, no depreciations.

No servicing costs.

No breakdown charges.

No hassle.


For more information about rental autoclaves please contact the service team at Burtons Medical Equipment on 01622 834350